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Center for Combinatorics
Nankai University
Tianjin 300071
P.R. China

Email: hou@nankai.edu.cn

Tel: (022)2350-3614

Research Interests

Automated Proofs of Combinatorial Identities

Symmetric Functions

Enumerative Combinatorics



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    Maple pakage: EZA

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    Related Maple package

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    Programs on computing s(C53)

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  1. D.K. Du and Q.H. Hou, Partially ordinal sums and P-partitions, arXiv:1111.0245

    related Maple package p-par.zip including a maple package p-par.mpl and a demo demo.mw. We need the assistant package posets.mpl given by J.R. Stembridge


    APCI: A package for automatic proofs of combinatorial identites. Now the package includes the extended Zeilberger algorithm (corresponding paper) and the Abel-Zeilberger algorithm (corresponding paper).